sensiitivity replied to your post: OK I’m rollerblading down to chapters …

so you can say that yesterday… wasn’t a good friday? :(

There isn’t room enough for both of us to be making bad jokes.

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OK I’m rollerblading down to chapters again today.

And I actually checked the opening and closing times.

Yesterday I rollerbladed 10k (5 there 5 back) only to find out that I got there literally 5 minutes after it closed because Good Friday :(

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modern au where they have a drunk karaoke night

Elayne would probably sing Total Eclipse of the Heart or something like that, get WAY too into it, and start dramatically singing it to random people

Nynaeve is only there as designated driver and growls whenever they try to get…

you’re the one who fucking made this? THIS IS IT THIS IS YOUR POST YOU DID THE TUMBLR FAMOUS TEXT POST THING its terrible can you even see your dash from the notes?

Not a text post, just the screenshot from this article http://undergroundmgzn.com/2014/04/15/man-ruins-game-thrones-series-novels-full-spoilers/

I found it linked out /r/fantasy and chuckled so I took a pic of the title, posted it here.

That was like 5 days ago and it got like 5 notes. I go to bed last night, wake up ?????? 24k notes. Yea my dash is spammed to shit.

  • Tumblr app: I'm done loading
  • Me: but what about all these blank pictures and gifs
  • Tumblr app: did I fucking stutter

I want a WoT AU crossover where Edmond’s Field lot + Moiraine/Thom etc. run into Gandalf, Bilbo and co. who realized they somehow stumbled into the wrong universe and the only way for them to get back is to reach the Eye of the World.

Just imagine Mat pulling enough pranks on the dwarves and Bilbo that Gandalf thinks of him everytime he sees Merry and Pippin.

The dwarves are really rowdy, of course, and Nynaeve just spends the whole time shooting glares at them and muttering to Egwene that they’re really the same as any men, only shorter, and whenever Rand or Perrin tries to eat with them they shoo them off to the dwarves where they only sit awkwardly.

Moiraine is just extremely confused and asks if Gandalf is the Dragon Reborn from the future, and keeps asking if they win the Last Battle, or if he came back to try and change things.

Gandalf has no idea what she’s talking about so he remains mysterious and acts like he’s leading, when really he’s following Moiraine since he has no idea what or where the Eye of the World is.

Thom and Gandalf get on just fine, smoking their pipes together and telling odd stories.